Wednesday, December 11, 2013


To The Donor:

This letter is design to reach in prayer the Heart’s of God’s People and His Children, as so we are at Turn Right Ministries Inc. are asking you also in prayer, in the name of our Savior Christ Jesus, to support us in our request for donations of homes, and funding, or any other donations, that can help us supply our needs to obtain the grants needed to aid our mission to provide places for the homelessness, the ex-offenders and to our veterans, who are wanting to transition back into a meaningful society that cares. For it would be God’s creation in them, in becoming Christians Ministering Healthy Associates, that would in turn to the World, become a little better in their acts of kindness, we like to call our NU-Concept (read more at Or God’s CMHA, since we are given them a chance to become home and/or business owners for our act of kindness, for participated in our individualized prepared programs we at TRMinc has created from a vision God has given unto its founder, Rev Doctor Bishop PhD. (Help!  To turn right our economic standstill for the needy in these end times, promised to all by faith, from God’s Glory.

At your request will be documents explaining details of how this EOEO program works and a sample of our request for a grant, which is in need greatly on your assistance.  As more information is needed you could gather I from our web-sites. and  and you could also help buy purchasing, Rev Doctor Bishop PhD book through our ministry or in your loco Bookstores.
             (Hallowed be His Named. <The Biggest Book for this World to be known>) 

We thank you in advance,                                                                                                                       

                                                       AND WE ALL WILL KEEP THE PEACE BY KEEPING THE HOPE OF GOD'S PROMISES ALIVE!

P.O. Box 14786 Cleveland, Ohio 44114 * 216-269-0605 * Address, Rev Doctor Bishop PhD, Overseer

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